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When I am done snow blowing, I will put a battery on a charger. The first thing I noticed about this blower was its small size. Check Price at Amazon. Unfortunately, the Expand-It failed to impress, earning a below average score. Ryobi 40V Snow Blower RY40860 . Let us know! I loved being outside when it was snowing and just using a shovel. The shoulder strap does help a bit but something about the way this string trimmer naturally wants to hand just doesn't feel quite right and is more fatiguing to use than other models. The 18v cordless hedge trimmer was one of the first … Now, this could be because the cement was cold, it was night and the sun couldn’t melt the snow right away. Compact, lightweight 40V 2Ah Lithium-ion Battery delivers up to an hour of run time and is compatible with all RYOBI 40V Lithium tools. With 40 innovative tools and counting, each product is engineered to deliver GAS-LIKE POWER™ for superior performance and fade-free runtime—from first cut to last. Privacy | Cookies | Terms, The world's most in-depth and scientific product reviews, If you are shopping on a tight budget and don't mind sacrificing some comfort for saving some cash, this is a good option. RYOBI 40v String Trimmer Review_ Last year I reviewed RYOBI’s line of 24v outdoor power tools, and liked them all very much. The 7.5 Ah battery will provide four times extra runtime than 2.0 Ah compact batteries while delivering the same performance and fade-free power. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. We had a 4″ snowfall and this machine rocked. I think for the build quality, ease of use and power, it’s worth it. Second, I absolutely love the build quality and think that it rivals the Ego which is at the top of my list, so that says a lot. All you need to do is have a few hours to let the battery charge, set your deck height and decide if you want to put the mulch plug in or stick the bag on. Second, I love how far this throws the snow. The chute angle is adjusted by hand and uses a simple push button to adjust up or down. The turbo button gives you an extra boost, to clear through heavier leaves and debris. While he loves remodeling his house, his passion is spending time with his wife and two children. A shovel, a gas-powered snow blower, a cordless snow blower or do you just hire someone? How can we improve GearLab? Reviews; Support; Related Products; Compatible with all RYOBI 40V Lithium-ion batteries, the 40V Lithium-ion 2-In-1 USB/Battery is the perfect addition to your RYOBI 40V tool collection. The guard on this Ryobi trimmer didn't seem to be particularly effective at stopping plants from getting thrown back at you. If you have a big yard or need an extra run time, then Ryobi 40v battery is the perfect addition to the collection of Ryobi 40v tools. As you are looking for Ryobi 40v chainsaw review, definitely you are looking for. So so let’s take a look at the Ryobi 40V Snow Blower Review. I love the LED light, the smooth controls and how easy this machine goes through the snow. Starting the snow blower is simple. The RYOBI 40V Jet Fan Blower uses Gas-Like Power to make yard cleanup a breeze. The Ryobi 20 inch 40-Volt Brushless mower exceeded the expectations of many users. Our next round of tests for the Ryobi focused on its battery system, specifically looking at its no-load runtime and different operating modes available. an alternative for a gas powered chainsaw; a cordless brushless Lithium-Ion chainsaw; You picked it right! Got feedback? First, I love how easy and quick it was to assemble. Ryobi 40V Cordless String Trimmer. To move the chute left and right, there is a pull stick on the right side of the machine. … The RYOBI 40V Brushless String Trimmer gives you the cordless convenience you want with the GAS-LIKE POWER you need. For our Ease of Use metric, we rated and scored how comfortable it is to use the Ryobi, how effective its guard is, and how much work it is to dispense more string or replace it with a new roll. These combine to also account for 30% of this string trimmer's final score. In case you’ve questioned whether a cordless chainsaw could perform as well as gas, Ryobi 40v chainsaw has your solution. Hands-on with the RYOBI 40-Volt Cordless Expand-It Trimmer. Ryobi ZRP4361 - 18-Volt Cordless Pole Saw. This tool is part of the new line of Ryobi 40V outdoor power equipment and is interchangeable with a large selection of attachments. The tool is al… The quality is way above what I would expect from Ryobi. Since it takes two batteries, I would like to have a charger that can charge two batteries. We never really found anything that the Ryobi couldn't reduce to shreds. The EXPAND-IT attachment capability allows you to transform your trimmer into an edger, blower, pole saw and many more tools with the available attachments, meaning you can save time, space and money. Searching for a new cordless string trimmer? In this video I will provide a brief review of multiple ryobi tools (old and new). Expand-It X String Trimmer at Amazon.com. You are using an outdatedbrowser. It was quiet and peaceful, plus I was getting a little exercise. Ryobi designed this snow blower around a brushless motor that offers a 21″ cleaning path and a 13″ clearing depth. So if you have larger snowfalls, the Ryobi is a champ. Model# RY40250. But what I want to know is how good are their chainsaws, so I’m looking forward to doing these Ryobi chainsaw reviews. The variable speed trigger allows you to control the output of air, making this blower perfect for heavy or light-duty jobs. The Ryobi Expand-It is, unfortunately, one of the loudest and most obnoxious trimmers to operate, earning it a below-average score. More information about this line is available at the Ryobi website. While I would still prefer a shovel for small snowfalls, this shines at larger snowfalls. The Ryobi 40V Jet Fan Blower goes beyond the futuristic look to provide what homeowners are looking for in a lithium-ion blower - performance and runtime to keep the pathways clear with a price that doesn't break the bank. Ryobi 40V Snow Blower Review – Performance In regards to performance, there is a lot to love and some things I would like to see changed. ... ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 4.8 | 13 Reviews. It's lightweight compact design connects to the top of your 40V Lithium-ion battery and doubles as charger for small electronic devices. I recently started using the Ryobi and I have to admit, it has surprised me. While it threw the snow far, it left a thin layer behind. I still love the winter and being outside but it’s much harder using a snow shovel for deep snow. The handle is made of grippy rubber and feels fairly secure to hold even with a loose grip. With its various power-saving features, ease of use and mobility, the mower gained mostly praise from owners. You have entered an incorrect email address. However, we did like that you can use the weight of the trimmer to hold down the trigger once it gets going and it is quite easy to hold vertically for detail work or edging. Reviews; Support; Related Products; Compatible with all RYOBI 40V Lithium tools and chargers, the 40V 5.0 AH Lithium-ion Battery is the perfect addition to your RYOBI 40V tool collection. RYOBI redefines cordless handheld blowers with the 40V Lithium-Ion Brushless Jet Fan Blower. It isn't too hard to load more line in the Ryobi 40V. It's not particularly large and the Ryobi is so powerful that it feels like you are continually being pelted by plant matter while weed eating. Regrettably, we didn't think that the Ryobi is very comfortable to hold. RYOBI is the brand of choice for millions of homeowners and value-conscious professionals. The Expand-It is a great value when it comes to these products. It also features a variable speed trigger for customized control and a soft-grip handle for user comfort. Check Price. 18-Volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer. Consumers found that the mower has exceptionally good battery run time, a must for a cordless mower. However, we didn't really want to test this all that much, as the Ryobi is very prone to flinging debris all over the place — including right back at you while you are using it. So for anything above an 1″, this does awesome. The batteries can be charged with a slide on the charging system. The convenient on-board battery life indicator keeps you informed while you're out in the yard tackling your landscaping jobs. Tis the season for snow. The Ryobi is also exceptionally high-pitched and annoying to be around when in use — definitely enough to disturb neighbors or bystanders. The Expand-It has an average effective runtime. Editorial Note: Tools in Action receives compensation from third-party advertisers, but that doesn’t affect our editors’ opinions. On the left side of the handlebar, you can switch it from low or high mode, depending on your amount of snowfall. The ultimate power of the chainsaw is likely to a gas engine machine for extreme cutting. Ryobi 22 in. First, I love how easy and quick it was to assemble. The RYOBI 40V blower delivers takes cordless tools to the next level. We appreciated that you can use the weight of the Ryobi to keep the trigger held down once you get it started. 180° Rotating Handle complements lightweight, ergonomic design and allows you to trim at all angles. RYOBI Tool Reviews – Fit for Pros. The design of the handlebar is good as it makes moving and working with the machine much more comfortable. Large 24” Dual Action Blades deliver up to a 1” cut capacity for taming overgrown hedges. Very easy to assemble, very smooth to operate and throws snow like a champ. If you’re looking for great RYOBI tool … Best Ryobi 40V Tools 1. This RYOBI trimmer has a brushless motor for maximum power and durability. While the Ryobi has plenty of flaws, it packs quite a punch and has one of the lowest price tags of the group, making it an excellent value. So when it comes to performance, it’s a hit and a miss. There are definitely more ergonomic trimmers out there compared to the Expand-It. If you are looking to spend the bare minimum on a new cordless string trimmer, then we would recommend you start by checking out the Ryobi 40V Expand-It. The chute can be adjusted 180°. The Ryobi RY40860 is a heck of a machine. This string trimmer is on the heavier side, tipping the scales at a little more than 12 pounds.  5/5. What I hope to find out is if Ryobi has the same standard for there chainsaws, as they do with all their other power tools. Ryobi is a company that almost everyone has heard of, they are one of the market leaders when it comes to power tools. Powerful 40V Battery 4Ah 160Wh Compatible with Ryobi 40V Tools OP4015 OP4026 OP40201 . Assembly doesn’t usually make my top 5 features list, but the assembly instructions consist solely of opening the box and taking it out – that’s a big win. Editor Rating. The RYOBI 40V System puts the power in your hands to tackle yardwork and more demanding jobs without having to plug-in or fill-up. The score for our final metric is based on the amount of noise and the tone generated by each string trimmer while it is in operation, which accounts for the remaining 15% of the final score. Material on GearLab is copyrighted. What do you think of when you think Ryobi? We were pretty sure the Expand-It would do pretty well with burlier shrubbery with woodier stems as well. One of the brightest lights I have seen on a snow blower. In regards to performance, there is a lot to love and some things I would like to see changed. You can cut through tall patches of dense grasses with ease if you started at the top and worked your way down. *You help support TechGearLab's product testing and reviews by purchasing from our retail partners. It’s accurate to the best of our knowledge when posted. It also features a variable speed trigger for customized control and a soft-grip handle for user comfort. I was a … Our main gripe with this saw is that it consumes oil at a rate that we have never seen. Easy to assemble, easy to operate and built to a high standard. So I took the plunge and started using a cordless snow blower. Landscaping Tool Reviews; Snowblower Reviews; Ryobi 40V Snow Blower RY40860; Snowblower Reviews December 5, 2019 Chris Boll. RYOBI is the brand of choice for millions of homeowners and value-conscious professionals. The lightweight battery-powered chainsaw gives you that pleasure you are looking for long in chainsaw operation. The intelligent brushless motor delivers maximum power for added performance. Throws snow far and works like a champ for most snow conditions. One item I would like to see changed is the charger. This blower has a jet fan design for increased air flow, providing an impressive 500 CFM and 125 MPH of clearing power. Overall I love this snow blower and think Ryobi hit a home run. So we’ve done the heavy lifting and are sharing below our detailed review of Top 10 Best Ryobi 40v Tools. This year they have released the … Below I will talk about the performance of the snow. For me, I was always that guy who never wanted a snow blower. This makes it quite hard to work in tight areas and make detail cuts around delicate objects. But again, maybe those small wet snows, it will pick up much better than this lighter snow. Share On Facebook; Share On Twitter; Share On The snow blower is powered by 40V Ryobi batteries. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. This cordless trimmer delivered a so-so set of results in this metric, which accounts for 25% of its overall score, putting it roughly in the middle of the group. So far in this Ryobi battery … Rank Product Name Score; 1. Ryobi Helps You Take Charge This Winter. I live in a climate (northern California) where lawns are pretty uncommon, so in lieu of a lawnmower I always keep a string trimmer handy to deal with overgrown weeds. Ryobi Tools has a consumer rating of 4.39 stars from 132 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. The Expand-It did quite well, earning one of the better scores of the group. The Ryobiis a total pain because you have to stop and check the oil all of the time. In addition to being a great value on its own merits, the same battery in the Expand-It is compatible with an enormous number of other Ryobi tools, making it an even better value if you are planning on buying another cordless yard or home tool in the near future, as you can buy a bare-tool version and use the battery from this string trimmer in it, saving you even more cash. The charger can only charge one battery at a time. The Ryobi 40V Snow Blower can clear snow conveniently, and … 40V 7.5AH LITHIUM-ION BATTERY | RYOBI Tools RYOBI specializes in making pro-featured power tools and outdoor products truly affordable. Review of Ryobi 40-volt cordless Expand-It trimmer and their 40-volt cordless blower. This is a review of the new Ryobi 40V Expand-It Attachment Capable String Trimmer Model #RY40250. This blower has a jet fan design for increased air flow, providing an impressive 500 CFM and 125 MPH of clearing power. It's lithium-ion cells deliver fade-free performance from start to finish. GearLab is reader-supported. The auger uses a rubber paddle which makes it quiet compared to the plastic paddles. Besides the build quality and ease of operation, I absolutely love the light. The batteries are located on the back of the snow blower and protected with a plastic cover. The light on the front is the best we have seen and I can’t wait for the next snowfall to give this another run. Service 4 Plus Enter to Win Future Tool Giveaways! On the front of the machine, there is an LED light bar that does an amazing job of lighting up the area in front of you. Our marketing partners don’t review, approve or endorse our editorial content. So how do you remove your snow? The Ryobi tool reviews listed below cover the gamut from drills, drivers, and kits to specialty tools like the Ryobi cordless pin nailer. Just hold either or both of the gray bars in and then just push the start button. When you click on links to buy products we may earn money to support, Relatively inexpensive, exceptionally powerful. The Ryobiuses a wrench/screwdriver combo which we are a fan of, but the tool for this model is so small that it's difficult to use. This string trimmer is far from our favorite in terms of performance, failing to compare to the premium models completely. I know the one thing I never thought about when I heard Ryobi was snow blowers. Stay up to Date on Tool Reviews, Tool News and More. If you need the space when not in use, no worries. It isn't well-balanced at all, tipping significantly towards the battery end and making it very difficult to hold in one hand. Second, I absolutely love the build quality and think that it rivals the Ego which is … The RYOBI 40V Lithium-Ion blower delivers takes cordless tools to the next level. Ryobi Tools ranks 6th among Tools sites. From the start, it has been great to work with. Ryobi 40v Chainsaw Review In 2020 Your light-duty cutting purpose is now a task of pleasure with the excellent performance of Ryobi 40V chainsaw. For deeper snow, it rocks. As I am getting older, things have changed. The Ryobi Expand-It cordless string trimmer has a bump feed to dispense more line and is one of the easiest and most straightforward to replace the string on. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Ryobi RY40220 40V Cordless Lithium-Ion 13 in. If you are looking to spend the bare minimum on a new cordless string trimmer, then we would recommend you start by checking out the. To help you in your search, we have completed this list of the Best Ryobi 40v Tools. The Ryobi registered sound levels of 105 decibels (dBa) on our sound meter at a distance of three feet away, which is one of the highest recorded levels from any string trimmer that we have tested so far. However, this will drop down a bit when you are actually cutting weeds with the Ryobi. This Whisper Series blower is the industry's quietest handheld blower at only 59 dB while giving the Gas Like Power you need. You can pick this snow blower up at the Home Depot for about $500 which does include a charger and two batteries. It cleaned the walks and the driveway like a champ. 7. It threw the snowfall and left very little on the concrete. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. Again, this throws snow just as well as the Ego snow blower. We did not like the guard on this string trimmer, finding it to be essentially useless. Eric is a huge Cubs fans and no, he is not related to Chevy Chase. Top Rated Best Ryobi 40v Tools Of 2020. Not that they didn’t have one before this but it just wasn’t something I thought or at least considered, well until now. New to the shelves of your local Home Depot, Ryobi has released a snow-clearing solution just in time for winter. If you have small snowfalls, a shovel or broom will work better. This string trimmer only has a single speed setting but we very much wished that it had low-power mode, both for conserving battery life and not destroying delicate objects. The 40-volt battery on this trimmer lasted for 43 minutes before calling it quits when starting with a full charge — slightly above average for these products. The RYOBI Expand-It String Trimmer package includes the 40V Expand-It Brushless Power Head, Straight Shaft Expand-It Trimmer Attachment, 40V Lithium-ion 3.0Ah battery and charger, grass deflector, adjustable over-molded front handle, and a small unspooled supply of.080 replacement trimmer line (my trimmer also came pre-loaded with string). Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. We based 30% of the Ryobi's final score on its weed eating performance, paying particular attention to how effective it is at clearing weeds and grass, how it handled dense areas of vegetation, and how user-friendly it is for detailed cuts or operating in tight areas. The new 14 in. If I am cleaning the walkways at night and it leaves this on the ground, it can freeze overnight and become very slippery. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. One thing to note is you can only charge 1 battery at a time. Below a 1″, not a big fan but that is the case with most cordless snow blowers, not just Ryobi. You can angle the head to easily reach these spaces and the guard hardly ever gets in the way but it's difficult to avoid cutting trenches or damaging breakable items with the Ryobi's raw power. Share On Facebook; Share On Twitter; Share On Pinterest; Share Link. However, I know I won’t think about it until the next snowfall and then I will have one charged battery and one empty battery. This leaf blowers jet fan design increases air flow, delivering 525 CFM and 110 MPH of clearing power. Overall Score 3.6 Li-Ion Blowers Both lines come off of the same spool and we only had the slightest of difficulties when it came time to reassembling the head of the trimmer. The snow blower has two larger plastic wheels on the back making it easy to push and maneuver around. We compared... the most in-depth and scientific tech reviews. The Ryobi is exceptionally powerful, almost to the point of being overkill. In fact, we wished that the Ryobi was a little less powerful on more than one occasion, as it really feels like overkill for typical yard use. Register; Review; 40V 14" BRUSHLESS Chain Saw (Tool Only) RY40503BTL ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 4.8 | 518 Reviews. Over the years we have tested a variety of snow blowers with the Ego being my favorite and the Snow Joe being the easiest to move around and work with.

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