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Rent a Lamborghini Gallardo Near me in (KL) Rental Price From RM 1,266.00 - RM 3,300.00 Unit Price. Questions regarding privacy should be directed to the location where you rented the Vehicle. next vehicle prev vehicle. 777 Dundas Street. Shop Lamborghini Aventador vehicles for sale at Daily Price From RM8,500 . and post?judgment attorney fees, we incur collecting payment from you or otherwise enforcing our rights under this Agreement; (i) a 2% per month late payment fee, or the maximum amount allowed by law (if less than 2%), on all amounts past due; (j) $50 or the maximum amount permitted by law, whichever is greater, if you pay us with a check returned unpaid for any reason; (k) a reasonable fee not to exceed $250 to clean the Vehicle if returned substantially less clean than when rented; and (l) a fee of up to $200 if you lose the keys to the Vehicle. Let your dreams come true - experience Lamborghini breathtaking ride! Upon receipt, we will review the dates and make sure that the car you are interested in is available on that date. On this amazing car you can gain the top speed of 309-350 km/h! Rent a Lamborghini Huracan and enjoy luxury and style as you cruise around the city or escape for a weekend getaway. “You” or “your” means the person identified as the renter on the reverse, any person signing this Agreement, any Authorized Driver and any person or organization to whom charges are billed by us at its or the renter’s direction. This discount does not apply to any additional fees that the client may incur, such as over mileage fees. Miscellaneous. Whether you want to rent a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, an Audi, a Mercedes, a Porsche, a Maserati, Bentley, Rolls Royce it is with our company that you benefit from the best services and adapted rates. Private Clients welcomed. Lamborghini UK Hire Services East Urban Home Vintage Italia Series: Lamborghini Aventador Graphic Art Print on Canvas $78.99 $56.99. The reason behind it being fast is that Lambos have aerodynamic shapes and are light weighted like every other supercar but what makes it different from other cars is the engine. Covid 19 Message. We make no warranties, express, implied or apparent, regarding the Vehicle, no warranty of merchantability and no warranty that the Vehicle is fit for a particular purpose. , Maserati, Maybach or Aston Martin Lamborghini Hire Hire near me. For self hire Driver must be 30+ and security bond is requried. The car's design emphasize that the vehicle was made for high speed. If errors are discovered after the close of this transaction, you authorize us to correct the Charges with the payment card issuer. We are ready for your bookings 24/7. Visit our locations page to enter you zip code, Find the closest exotic car rental company near you. Email Address. To the extent such protection is imposed by operation of law, that protection will be for the minimum limits required by applicable law. Lamborghini Urus (white) $ 1595/Day. 3. This discount only applies to the rental price and not to any additional fees. Lamborghini Hire - At Queensland Luxury Car Rentals, we have an great range of Lamborghini on our supercar rental fleet. You can also rent the cabrio version of this supercar to let the wind play with your hair and feel the speed. East Urban Home Vintage Italia Series: 1988 Lamborghini Diablo Graphic Art Print on Canvas $77.99 $62.99. Some of the more popular Lamborghini rentals in Europe include the powerful Lamborghini Aventador, the luxurious Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder and of course the classic Lamborghini Superleggera but don't worry if you can't see the vehicle you desire here on our website. On this amazing car you can gain the top speed of 309-350 km/h! 2020 © Falcon Beverly Hills LLC - All Rights Reserved. Luxury & Exotic Car Rentals in New Jersey ... Lamborghini Aventador New Jersey. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and us. Daily Price From RM8,500 . Rent a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster today in Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and NYC today. Home Fleet About Contact Available In Orlando. Luxury, Sports and Hyper Cars are available for rent in KL with us. Lamborghini car rental Cleveland offers you to reserve Lamborghini Aventador, Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder or Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. 230 Sweetriver Boulevard. No term of this Agreement can be waived or modified except by a writing that we have signed. Responsibility for Vehicle Damage or Loss; Reporting to Police. This is the car you want to drive in Orlando. Lamborghini Hire - At Queensland Luxury Car Rentals, we have an great range of Lamborghini on our supercar rental fleet. We will deliver or pick your vehicle up for free if the location is within three miles of our Beverly Hills showroom. The Gallardo Spyder embraces its super-car heritage, mixed with open-top driving, razor sharp styling, and velocity. Rent your dream Lamborghini Huracan car today in Atlanta, GA. We offer great service at competitive rates. Browse Lamborghinis near you, available for whatever occasion requires a flashy entrance. This supercar is more than real now so don't miss your chance to drive the most legendary vehicle ever! Upon receipt of the email, your card will be charged, and your reservation is complete. Why Choose Us? You release us, our agents and employees from all claims for loss of, or damage to, your personal property or that of any other person, that we received, handled or stored, or that was left or carried in or on the Vehicle or in our offices, whether or not the loss or damage was caused by our negligence or was otherwise our responsibility. Your debit/credit card issuer’s rules will apply to your account being credited for the excess, which may not be immediately released by the card issuer. Lamborghini Hire - The leader in UK based Lamborghini Rentals. Lamborghini car rental Brampton (Ontario) offers you to reserve Lamborghini Aventador, Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder or Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. Imagine Lifestyles offers Lamborghini rentals and more exotic luxury rental cars below in: New Jersey, Philadelphia, Miami, FL, South Florida, Los Angeles, CA, New York, NY and Chicago, IL. As soon as you slide into the driver’s seat, you’ll feel the thrilling power of the car’s hand-built V12 engine. Make a reservation now! Each Authorized Driver must have a valid operator’s license for the type of vehicle rented and be at least 25 years of age. Acknowledge the purchase terms and conditions: I understand that this insurance is non-refundable and I agree to comply with the terms and conditions for this purchase as follows: • I understand that once I take possession of the rental vehicle, all insurance is fully earned and no refunds will be given for any unused days. Lamborghini Aventador. You'll have to pinch yourself to believe it's not a dream, with Lamborghini car rental Brampton (Ontario) it's real! M4M 1R1 Downtown Toronto Canada. “Agreement” means all terms and conditions found in these Terms & Conditions, the Face Page, the Waiver and Assumption of Risk, any addenda and any additional materials we provide and that you sign at the time of rental. Designed to compete with the legendary Ferrari 360 Modena, Lamborghini's newest offering is a 500hp monster. Starting At: $400 /HR. Clients who have a rental for two or more days with a value of $3,000 or more will receive free delivery or pickup within a 12-mile radius. On this amazing car you can gain the top speed of 309-350 km/h! Downtown Toronto. Ferrari 488 Spider. Rent a Porsche 911 in Singapore . Be sure that Lamborghini car rental Brampton (Ontario) will provide you with exclusive car and not less exclusive mindful and friendly service. DAILY. Details. Bentley Continental … Lamborghini Huracan Spyder New Jersey. WhatsApp. The origins of Lamborghini trace back to the brand’s namesake – Ferruccio Lamborghini. Menu. We are proud to offer rentals that are internationally renowned for the premier performance and engineering excellence. Personal Information. If you are interested in finding a place to rent a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, here are tips on how you can locate rental places for this vehicle. You are not responsible for loss or damage to the Vehicle resulting from theft or vandalism related to the theft if you have possession of the ignition key or you establish that the ignition key was not in the Vehicle at the time of the theft; you file an official report of the theft with the police within 24 hours of learning of the theft; and you cooperate with us and the police in providing information regarding the theft; and neither you nor an Authorized Driver committed or aided in the commission of the theft. Find the Lamborghini rental in Los Angeles that’s right for you today, and book your preferred vehicle by clicking the banner at the bottom of the page. Cruise south beach in a convertible Lamborghini rental today. To rent this Lamborghini Aventador Roadster please at (647) 880-5916. L6A 4V3 Vaughan, ON L6A 4V3 Canada Tips From A Pro "The Aventador has only one goal in life, to go fast! By the early 1960s, Lamborghini’s drive to succeed compelled him to start his own line of luxury vehicles. Additional Milage $3.95 per mile. Call Now. Our fleet includes exotic vehicles from world manufacturers such as Bentley, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Lotus, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Hummer H2, … In the mood to mix things up? IF YOUR NEEDS GO BEYOND JUST A RENTAL, AND YOU DON’T SEE AN OPTION LISTED ANYWHERE, PLEASE DON’T HESITATE TO CONTACT US DIRECTLY, WE ARE HAPPY TO DISCUSS CUSTOM OPTIONS TO YOUR REQUEST.

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