cross river gorilla threats

The Cross River gorillas are critically endangered. The Cross River Gorilla, with fewer than 300 individuals estimated to exist in the wild, is the most endangered of the gorilla subspecies, and is listed by the IUCN as Critically Endangered. We believe that the outlook for the conser-vation of the Cross River gorilla is increasingly Campaign. This is the highest ranking for species that remain in the wild, and means the Cross River gorilla is … This sanctuary and the surrounding Afi River Forest Reserve constitute one of the largest forest blocks left in Cross-River State, outside of the national park. It is estimated that there is 400 left in the wild and couple in the zoo's. The Cross River gorilla is threatened by humans as they were hunted extensively in the past – which is also why their numbers are pretty low. There threats are risk of breeding due to the population isolation. The Cross River Gorilla Campaign is a collaborative effort to raise awareness and funds for the conservation of the Cross River gorilla, Africa’s most endangered great ape. Understanding the trends in the changing threats across the Cross River gorilla landscape will provide key infor-mation for guiding our collective activities from 2014 to 2019. The Cross River gorilla is very similar in appearance, but has subtle differences in the skull and teeth dimensions, to the western lowland gorilla. The Cross River gorilla is classified as Critically Endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN, 2016), appearing on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. After reviewing data on the status of the Cross River gorillas, our chapter ends by discussing some options for improving their prospects for survival. Characteristics: The rarest species of great ape in the world, Cross River gorillas are similar in appearance to western lowland gorillas, but have a different shaped skull. The Cross River gorillas are the most endangered great apes in Africa. They tend to have redder or greyer fur than eastern gorillas. The gorilla specie lives for 30 to 50 years and the gestation period is 8.5 month after which one baby is born weighing between 3-4 ibis. The African Conservation Foundation (ACF) and the Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) have been at the forefront of conservation in Cameroon since 2004. It is located at the coordinates 02° 22' 11.42" S, 10° 33' 44.53" E, and covers ca. The Cross River Gorilla is one of the 25 most endangered primates worldwide. This highest threat level means that Cross River gorilla joins all gorilla subspecies in facing an … Where they live: Nigeria and Cameroon. Leopards rarely prey on adult male gorillas, but they do it specifically of western lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla). Threats, there were so many threats to the cross river gorilla. The alpha male cross river gorilla also mates with the females in his group, producing generally single offspring, known as babies.The cross river gorilla babies remain with their mother until they are a few years old and become independent. For such a small fragmented population, habitat loss and fragmentation are further reducing connectivity between sites, increasing their isolation from one another and reducing opportunities for gene flow. THREATS . Other threats include poaching, disease and lack of management of protected habitat. One of the threats were diseaes they were killing most of the gorillas. Many humans live in and around the region that these gorillas call home, creating many threats to their habitat and their lives. Since gorillas live in tropical climates, their remains quickly disappear, consumed by scavengers and insects. Protecting the habitat of the Cross River gorilla. Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary (AMWS) is home to about 10% of the total Cross-River gorilla population. 23.01 km² to the northeast of the MDNP. The 250 – 300 Cross River gorillas that are left in the wild, live in nine separated ranges in the mountain-like area upstream of the Cross River. These include the eastern lowland gorilla found in the lowland forests of eastern DR Congo, the western lowland gorilla found in lowland forests of central and western Africa and the cross-river gorilla living along the Cross River along the border of Nigeria and Cameroon. The life span of the cross-river gorillas is similar t other gorilla species. However, the other 3 gorilla subspecies are still critically endangered. Because these gorillas are still hunted for their meat and parts of their habitat are under threat, they are one of Africa's most endangered primate taxa. Habitat loss and poaching are the major threats to this species. Second threath is people some people go after theses poor gorillas because they want them dead or to eat theses threaths are in … Conservationists in Nigeria have warned that the threat of completely losing the iconic but highly endangered Cross River gorilla still stands, despite efforts by government to reroute a superhighway project that was identified as a major danger to the existence of the species. Main threats: Hunting for bushmeat, habitat destruction, disease. The Cross River gorilla, a subspecies of the western gorilla, or Gorilla gorilla diehli, classified in 2007 as “critically endangered” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, 1 has been the focus of a 100-person initiative mobilizing nine communities in the Mbe Mountains of Nigeria. The Cross River Gorilla is in danger of extinction because of it's predators that are humans because they hunt them for their skin.

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